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     Instead of engaging a 100% of people with blind advertising, you focus on your 5-20% of people (your niche) and guide them through a «value funnel» of progressively more engagement and premium purchases and events.



     It’s time to leave behind the lack of dollar-for-dollar control of your promotional efforts. Calculate your Customer Adquisition Cost (CAC) and thus maximize their Long Term Value (LTV).

Build a «tribe» of fans ready to purchase from you, using direct marketing 2.0 and email tools.


     There is a lot of blind spending going on today, both online and offline

Which amounts to nothing but very expensive branding done because «others do it too» or «it has to be done».

  • It gets lost among so much saturation and even adds to people’s boredom towards advertising, social media and sales.
  • It doesn’t capture people’s contact info through permission-based marketing strategies.
  • It doesn’t attract sales leads consistently, through a funnel of bigger/larger purchases through upselling and cross-selling. In sum, it doesn’t convert.


Ready to waste no more time and attract pre-sold and pre-qualified clients?


It has been said that 20% of clients bring your business 80% of its client-related problems, drama and friction (loss of time).


Why not pre-filter them from the get-go and attract better ones consistenly?

Good marketing doesn’t only make sales a downhill instead of an uphill process, it also filters away those who are not a fit with your philosophy and core values.


It’s better to attract people who will be truly interested. We know retaining a client is up to 7 times cheaper than acquiring new clients.



A value funnel keeps a live community interested in your brand/solution, grateful for all the value you create for it and maximizes its long term value (LTV) by your side.

Our process? It may be called «education-based marketing». It’s devised to educate, inspire and entertain through a value funnel, to make sales easier by attracting the best leads and pre-sold clients to your business.

Alquimia: B2B social media content


We provide full-on content marketing management powered by Alquimia: B2B social media content.




Let us tell you two success stories among many others:



This litigating-lawyer training company had given workshops under the sponsorship of the U.S. government for a new Ecuadorian court system.

We designed a value funnel that has attracted more than 700 subscribers to their email list and has spurred constant sales of their workshop now turned into a digital course under our direction.


Almanaque Agrícola del Ecuador

We developed a Facebook Page as a free agricultural information «almanac» with calendars, sowing and reaping information, etc. Using less than $200 of Facebook Ads, we gathered 803 Likes the first month and 305 email list subscribers in exchange for a free report on agronutrients for Ecuadorian soil.

We are The Lead Generation Company, our process is called education-based marketing and we build and run value funnels for you.

And one study case from our partner and B2B social media content provider, Alquimia:

        El Caso de SJ JERSEY

        Nombre: Gilberto Valderrabano.
        Empresa: SJ JERSEY
        Giro: Empresa de fabricación de textiles de algodón,

        Ventas totales (yearly revenue): 15 millones anuales.
        Located in Quito, Ecuador

     1. Que te pareció la experiencia de trabajar con Alquimia.
     Muy buena, solucionan todo con profesionalismo ágil

     2. ¿En qué parte del proceso te pareció útil nuestra presencia?
     En la parte de técnica especializada en el manejo de redes
     Ayuda amalgamando ideas, centrándolas hacia el manejo digital, son muy buenos plasmando lo que se requiere.

     3. A quienes, empresas o profesionales crees que podamos serles útiles
     A cualquiera que venda un producto o servicio u necesite entrar al canal virtual.



  • Facebook ads, linked to CRM to fetch and engage with new social media customers

  • Video content marketing

  • Leads using FB ads



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You can have your own value funnel that attracts and pre-sells qualified leads to your own brand or solution, today!


        Juan Fernando Carpio
        CEO, The Lead Generation Company