Marketing & market research

Discover how:

  • Experts are creating value-centric communities that are eager yo buy from them, without ever having to learn sales tactics or closing methods (which let’s be honest, can be very aggresive oftentimes)
  • One of my clients added 700 pre-qualified customers to his database with only $50 and Give-first principles in action
  • I sold out my first marketing workshop providing 3x more value than the price the attendants paid and effectively getting dozens of recommendations for bigger clients
  • How to attract more and better clients, how to “fire” the ones that waste your time and set up yourself to win in the short and mid-run
A win-win process for attracting more and better clients: Give-first Marketing
Give-first marketing: a win-win process for attracting more and better clients

Email me at so we can arrange a free evaluation call. After the call you will get a Marketing Test that you can apply to evaluate your marketing progress anytime (a $500 value!) whether you choose to work with me as a consultant or not.

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